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Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Christine Amelie Saint Louis of Amelie Artistry LLC is a master in the beauty industry. With over 13 years of experience as a hairstylist, makeup artist and artistry trainer her background in the fashion and beauty industry has prepared her to provide excellent customer service to her diverse clientele! Her creativity and eye for detail has allowed her to continuously provide a flawless look no matter the age, gender, or ethnicity of whom ever is in her seat. Christine is dedicated to delivering the latest looks and styles, as well as the classic standards of beauty to her diverse clientele all the while offering an elevated Luxury experience. In addition to your everyday woman and luxury bride she has an extensive list of celebrity clientele from Vanity Fair, Essence, Bravo, VH1 and more!

For 3 years Christine was one of 5 Senior Artists in the south east district of Sephora. As a senior artist she traveled between 15 stores to provide trainings to help grow the artistry skills of the teams within those locations. In addition to elevated artistry trainings she also certified makeup artists so that they provide makeovers to clients in store. This is when she realized she truly had a passion for education. Not just product knowledge but really helping other artistry grow and develop their artistry.

Christine later enrolled herself into a beauty and business coaching program to really help her launch her business to another level. Getting a business coach has allowed her to really bring her artistic skill set and business mind together! Within a year of taking on a business coach Christine has since left retail makeup artistry. Opened a location and built a successful Luxury Beauty & Bridal Business. She has a team that is ready to take on any size party! At Amelie Artistry they offer more that just hair and Makeup applications. Make sure you head over to the services tab to see what other beauty services to can make an appointment for.

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